martedì 8 dicembre 2009

Proverbi inglesi: come usarli?

Qui ci sono dei proverbi inglesi inseriti in un contesto. Leggete e poi scrivete un breve brano inserendo dei proverbi inglesi.

Burn the midnight oil/ Bruciare l'olio della mezzanotte. Lavorare fino a notte tarda

Beckhams and Cruises burn the midnight oil in Madrid
When David Beckham and his wife Victoria went out to celebrate his Real Madrid team's league victory, who better to help get the party started than their new LA neighbours Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. The group painted the Spanish capital red until 7.30am, first enjoying a meal at swanky Madrid restaurant Txistu - where the star midfielder apparently tucked into a hearty meal of steak, while Victoria kept to a fruity plate of pineapple and strawberries."A huge cheer went up when David arrived," says a source at the eatery. "The atmosphere was electric - many of the other players had also booked tables here." Afterwards they moved on to trendy nightclub Shabay where they stayed on into the small hours, Spanish style. Fashion designer Victoria was the epitome of glam in a cleavage-boosting little black dress and bright pink belt, while her husband was smart in a designer suit.

Chalk and cheese/ Gesso e formaggio. Si dice di due persone di caratteristiche diametralmente opposte

Chalk ‘n’ cheese
With talk of Rupert Murdoch attempting to ‘offload’ MySpace to Yahoo in return for a 25% stake in the company, there’s inevitably been another round of discussion in the tech media comparing Facebook to MySpace. Not only is Facebook growing at a faster rate than MySpace — though as TechCrunch points out, MySpace is still growing fast and Facebook has a long way to go before catching up — it was Yahoo that tried and failed to buy Facebook last year.
However, the problem when trying to predict a winner between the two sites is it’s like comparing chalk ‘n’ cheese. Broadly speaking they cater for different demographics, solve different problems, and in terms of strategy — with Facebook’s new platform — couldn’t be further apart.

Scopri altri proverbi inglesi, leggi qui.

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